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Fix Hades II "Renderer Creation Failed" Error

Quick post: I bought Hades II Early Access on Steam and rushed to install ChimeraOS/SteamOS so I could play it on my PC.

I kept getting this error when I tried to launch the game. Sad times: Fatal Error: Renderer creation failed. Please check your GPU meets minimum requirements.

This fixed it (I have it set to Proton Experimental as well):

About my PC:

Changing the Proton version to 8.0.5 as suggested by the Supergiant FAQ, or choosing any of the others (9.0.1, Experimental...) didn't help.

The fix is from a reddit thread linked by a Protondb comment.

Thanks to the commenter--super grateful. I had gone so far as to attempt installing Windows on a drive in my PC, which didn't work out as the out-of-the-box drivers were lacking (bad display and no wireless networking..interesting, considering Linux always works great on my hardware. ChromeOS Flex also had issues). Basically just posting to signal boost to anyone that might be searching the web furiously for help.

I suggested to Supergiant support that they add a note about this in the FAQ.